The new approach to municipal billing

Key Functionalities:

Billing Run Configuration:

  • Billing Intervals
  • Billing Templates
  • Ability to run Billing in the background and perform other Billing Transactions

Receipting and Receipt Reversals with allocation to named service (Water, Property Rates etc.)

Expanded functionality on Metered Services now include;

  • Meter Updates functionality now includes
  • Meter Reading Adjustment batches gives a functionality to update more than one meter at a time.

Expanded functionality on Non-Metered services now include

  • Clearance Application process with multiple buyers and Applicants
  • Property Transfers with the ability to Pro-rata the Basic Charges

Additional reports now available would include are:

  • Valuation Certificate Issued Listing Report
  • Property Transfers Listing Report
  • Billing & Receipts Analysis Report

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