Municipal Planning And Budgeting Module

User friendly and seamless integration to financial systems, Houses SDBIP,IDP and Budget Capability to retrieve and monitor actual and previous data such as budgets.

SDBIP - KPI screen with:

General Information:  Goals per year, the years will be generated based on the selected from and to period. The periods are loaded from Evolution. mSCOA creation, a wizard in which:

  • Each of the used Evolution segments will be shown and where the user can select multiple segment values
  • Segment values can either come from the tree view with the mSCOA segments or retrieved from Evolution
  • Tree view nodes that require a breakdown can have the appropriate, existing, breakdown value selected or a new breakdown value can be created for that specific node
  • All possible combinations will be generated with the selected segment values. After that the accounts which should be created can have report categories and account types selected

Overview of the linked account to this SDBIP - KPI and with that an account status column to indicate whether the accounts are in use, created, saved or new.

A button to create the accounts which have not yet been created

Budgeting screen where:

Budgets can be entered for each year between the selected periods and for each of the saved or created accounts on the linked
SDBIP - KPI. This means that budgets can be entered before the accounts are actually created in Evolution.
Underlying detail lines can be added on a budget line.
Validation column is added to indicate whether the year, months and detail line amounts match
Budgets can be posted or updated in Evolution from the screen

  • Setting page where for each of the in use segments from the system can be indicated whether a tree view segment value must be selected or if the segment values should be retrieved from the system
  • Versioning on IDP, SDBIP - KPI and Budgets, if IDP version is increased, the SDBIP - KPI and budgets linked to the IDP will also be increased, if SDBIP - KPI is increased, underlying budgets will also be increased
  • User management system and links system users to the system. Also add the ability to set permissions per user or assign permission groups to users
  • Dimensions, this is a system which will enable the user to add user defined fields on each of the pages
  • Workflows
  • Virements
  • Validation on each screens
  • Make the entire application a bit more user friendly with confirmation boxes and clean error messages, etc.
  • More setting pages to setup various settings.

Key Highlights

  • Web-based and Integrated into ERP System
  • Integrated with Performance Management Systems
  • Drill-downs to actuals and Budgets
  • Dashboards
  • Balance Sheet Budgeting
  • A-Schedule Review Reports
  • Data Migration and Budget Imports
  • Project Imports
  • Perform virements between different votes of the Chart of Accounts as per mSCOA Circular No. 8 and as per municipal virement policy
  • Perform monthly and yearly period closure

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