Asset Register Compilation

Maintaining the full asset lifecycle within an ERP system

Assets are used by every organisation thus there is a need for asset management. An asset register is utilised by the organisation which is thus implemented within the ERP system that the organisation is using. CCG Systems provides AMS 360 which is fully integrated into the ERP system we offer...

Benefits of the solution:

  • There is no need for an additional system as AMS 360 allows for full and seamless integration
  • There is no manual intervention required
  • CCG Systems provides a full Capital Projects module
  • Our solution is full GRAP and mSCOA compliant
  • It improves the efficiency of Asset Management by ensuring accuracy and eliminating human error
  • Reporting is made easier
  • CCG Systems provides an App which makes it that that there is not additional processed needed for asset verification
  • Revision of useless lives of assets

How you implement the solution for your customers:

  • AMS 360 is implemented by our knowledgeable consultants by seamlessly integrating the module into our ERP system.
  • Training is required but once completed the solution is user-friendly and easy to understand.

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