Integrated Human Resources System

  • Legislation compliance for South Africa
  • Customizable, scalable, and logical user interface
  • Integrated Payroll, HR and Employee Self Service – all on one system
  • Security, stability, and improved processes
  • Online real-time design which makes processes easy to monitor, cuts down on errors, and reduces risk
  • Empowering your employees by providing them with the information they need to make decisions which, in turn, fuels motivation
  • Stay in control of vital HR related factors whilst focusing on sales and reducing operating costs


1. Payroll Management

  • Streamlined work processes
  • 1 Apply for leave through workflow and have real time information on leave balances
  • 2 Manage multiple claims
  • 3 Overtime, Travel, and attach documentation
  • The manager approval process can be done by making use of Office365
  • Paperless technology environment
  • 1 View current and previous payslips
  • 2 Tax certificates
  • 3 Print, Download, or Email documents

2. Job Costing

3. General Ledger

4. Power BI Reporting


1. Employee Management

  • Employee records
  • Disciplinary and grievances
  • Training and development
  • Succession planning
  • Document storage

4. Skills & Learning Development

  • Define scarce and critical skills on position level
  • View multiple development plans both individually and consolidated
  • Record development interventions

2. Leave Management

  • Multiple leave types and rules
  • Balances and history
  • Absenteeism management
  • Leave provisions

5. Job & Position Management

  • Manage vacant and current positions
  • Define job descriptions
  • Competency management
  • Organogram

3. Employee Equity

  • Define equity positions
  • Monitor goals and targets against actual staff movements and appointments
  • Use management reports to manage equity targets
  • Generating and printing Statutory Equity Reports required by the Department of Labour

6. Performance Management

  • Improves organizational effectiveness
  • Measurable deliverables are shown easily on screen
  • Competency Reviews, Key Performance Reviews, Free Format Reviews
  • Allows employees to interact with their data, training request, and individual training programs
  • Align employee goals to company goals

Self Service for both Managers and Employees

This allows employees and line managers to access information available in the system and manage processes relevant to them

  • Electronic Leave Processing
  • Online payslips and IRP5’s
  • Online personal and family information
  • Online claims
  • Online overtime applications
  • Online performance appraisals
  • Online training applications
  • Online time flow management

Dashboard Reporting

  • Reports are allocated to user groups (Administrators, Managers, Senior Executive/Directors)
  • Scheduled reports can be allocated for manager to receive in their inbox
  • +- 300 Best Practice Reports

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