Support Consultants

1. What does the support
team do?

The Support team receives and resolves multiple queries from all our clients. These issues are classified as per listed :

  • Technical (System errors)
  • Testing of new modules and latest system upgrades/updates
  • Accounting (Recons)
  • Installations and upgrades

2. How does Support help better the lives of our clients?

The heart and soul of our support approach is such that we are there to offer the service that the client might not have time or technical know-how on how to deal with the issues at hand. Through the wide experience within the team, we have an approach as follows:

  • Understand the issue.
  • Investigate cause and effect.
  • Implement solution on backup or test environment.
  • Walk client through solution.
  • Implement on live environment and get sign-off.

3. Which problem areas the support team addresses

  • Technical system errors
  • Incorrect meter readings and updates
  • System mis-posting or incorrect posting
  • Incorrect system setup per module (Transaction types and system defaults)

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